1.We will give you the things below.

  1. Handbook

  2. M-net sending fee system application form​

  3. Agreement form to share your information in our school 

Working Coffee

2.​Please download "Kidsly" app on your phone and apply for your "class room."

We will use the app "Kidsly" and share your kid's report everyday and also send you school information and schedule.

Please download this app and apply for your "class room" with the password we inform you.​


3. Please read the handbook

There is important information about daily life in our school. Please read the handbook before your child's entrance day.

Crafting Desk

4.Pass the M-NET system application form 2 months before

Until you pass the M-NET system, please pay in cash all required fees.

Please bring the blank form in case you have trouble completing your M-NET application form.

Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline

5.Get ready for the entrance day and prepare what you need for school

  1. Toilet paper

  2. Cleaning towel -2

  3. Tissue -1 box

  4. Soap -1

  5. Lunch box

  6. Changing clothes(2 set)

  7. Any bag to put the clothes when it gets dirty(Plastic bag or Eco bag)

  8. Water bottle

  9. Tooth brush and a cup

  10. Towel with string

  11. Blanket